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Schoolr is the only academic resource you'll need.

Who uses it?

It's used by students worldwide. From elementary schools to universities. It's most used by students at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Virginia Tech, University of British Columbia, and Harvard.

Is it only for students?

Most definitely not. Old people can use Schoolr too. The website receives a good number of hits from the United States Department of Health, Halliburton, and the Government of British Columbia. Maybe they come across a lot of acronyms?

Where are the resources from?

Google, Merriam-Webster, Wikipedia, Acronym Finder, NCSU, unitconversion, Bablefish, and Wolfram-Alpha.

Do you keep track of search entries?

Nope. The search fields on Schoolr are linked directly to the sites they represent (Google, Wikipedia, etc). You're safe.

How do I say the name of the site?

It's meant to be said like "schooler" but you can use the pirate-variation and call it "school-arrr."

What does the r stand for?


Has your name been dropped anywhere?

Schoolr has been featured here and there. From Lifehacker, to CTV, A Channel, NDTV, Lifehack, and more.

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