Cities in Massachusetts that are Better to Buy than Rent

The Top 3


Springfield, MA

Price To Rent Ratio of 18.4


Worcester, MA

Price To Rent Ratio of 20.2


Brockton, MA

Price To Rent Ratio of 21.4

Largest Increase


Lynn, MA

Price To Rent Ratio from 25.2 to 28.6

Largest Decrease


Brockton, MA

Price To Rent Ratio from 22.4 to 21.4

About the Rankings

The Census Bureau has released the latest estimates from the American Community Survey for all cities in Massachusetts with a population of 60,000 or more with sufficient data to estimate the price to rent ratio. We have crunched the numbers and the rankings are in. See the 14 places in Massachusetts with the lowest price to rent ratio below, and the highest price to rent ratio places at the bottom of the list.

The price to rent ratio is the median home value divided by the median annual rent. At its most basic level, the ratio is a benchmark for understanding whether it is better to rent or buy in an area. When home prices rise significantly faster than the local rents, the ratio will rise - indicating a possible housing bubble where it may be better to rent. Anything under 15 indicates that it is likely more affordable to buy, and areas over 20 are likely better to rent.

The Massachusetts price to rent ratio from the latest estimates is 29.6 and has risen 2.2% from 29.0.

This year saw several big changes. Brockton, MA rose from #4 to #3, Lowell, MA fell from #3 to #4, Quincy, MA rose from #7 to #6, Framingham, MA rose from #9 to #7, and Lynn, MA fell from #6 to #8.

Lynn, MA saw the biggest percentage increase in price to rent ratio at 13.3%, and Brockton, MA saw the largest percentage decrease at -4.7%.

The Complete List

Springfield, MA
Previously 17.8
Worcester, MA
Previously 19.9
Brockton, MA
Previously #4 at 22.4
Lowell, MA
Previously #3 at 21.2
Lawrence, MA
Previously 24.0
Quincy, MA
Previously #7 at 25.8
Framingham, MA
Previously #9 at 27.5
Lynn, MA
Previously #6 at 25.2
New Bedford, MA
Previously #8 at 26.8
Boston, MA
Previously #11 at 30.2
Cambridge, MA
Previously #12 at 32.3
Fall River, MA
Previously #10 at 29.0
Somerville, MA
Previously 33.0
Newton, MA
Previously 44.0

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey 1-year estimates for 2017.

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