Fastest Commute Cities in Florida

The Top 3


Tallahassee, FL

Average Travel Time To Work of 18.1


Tampa, FL

Average Travel Time To Work of 23.8


St. Petersburg, FL

Average Travel Time To Work of 24.1

Largest Increase


Pompano Beach, FL

Average Travel Time To Work from 24.2 to 26.9

Largest Decrease


Hollywood, FL

Average Travel Time To Work from 30.2 to 28.2

About the Rankings

The Census Bureau has released the latest estimates from the American Community Survey for all cities in Florida with a population of 60,000 or more. We have crunched the numbers and the rankings are in. See the 12 places in Florida with the lowest average travel time to work below, and the highest average travel time to work places at the bottom of the list.

Everyone hates sitting in traffic. Less time commuting means more time for work, family, and fun. See which areas of the country of done the most to reduce the time it takes for people to get to work.

The Florida average travel time to work from the latest estimates is 27.4 and has risen 1.5% from 27.0.

This year saw several big changes. Tampa, FL rose from #4 to #2, St. Petersburg, FL rose from #5 to #3, Jacksonville, FL rose from #7 to #4, Clearwater, FL rose from #8 to #5, and Hialeah, FL ranked for the first time.

Pompano Beach, FL saw the biggest percentage increase in average travel time to work at 11.1%, and Hollywood, FL saw the largest percentage decrease at -6.5%.

The Complete List

Tallahassee, FL
Previously 19.0
Tampa, FL
Previously #4 at 23.2
St. Petersburg, FL
Previously #5 at 23.5
Jacksonville, FL
Previously #7 at 24.7
Clearwater, FL
Previously #8 at 24.9
Hialeah, FL
Previously unranked
Orlando, FL
Previously #10 at 26.0
Pompano Beach, FL
Previously #6 at 24.2
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Previously #11 at 26.9
Hollywood, FL
Previously #15 at 30.2
Miami, FL
Previously #14 at 29.6
The Hammocks, FL
Previously unranked

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey 1-year estimates for 2016.

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