Mineola CDP, Iowa
Population 189


Median Home Value
Half are $66,200 - $99,700
Median Monthly Owner Costs
With a Mortgage
Median Year Housing Built
Employment & Commute
Median Household Income

The city of Mineola is a rural city located in southwest Iowa near the Missouri River. While many may refer to it as a city, it actually is a census designated place (CDP). Mineola is one of 8 cities in Mills County.

Mineola, IA is a Place (Census Designated):
Often referred to as cities, places can be categorized as Census Designated Places (CDP) or legal entities. The places that are legal entities provide governmental functions. CDPs have no governmental authority and exist only for statistical purposes. They are similar to legal entities in that they are a concentrated population identifiable by a name. Neither cross state lines, but may extend across county lines. A CDP may not extend into a legal entity.
Need a wider view? Mineola, IA is a part of the Omaha, NE Metro Area.



Median Year Housing was BuiltAll Housing Including Owner/Renter Occupied and Unoccupied


Median Owner Occupied Home Value


Median Monthly Ownership CostsOwner Occupied Housing Units with a Mortgage

Monthly housing costs include mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance, utilities, and condo fees. When comparing to monthly rental costs, be careful to also look at the median number of bedrooms. Owner occupied homes generally include more bedrooms than rentals.


Housing Affordability (Median Multiple)

The median multiple is the ratio of median house price by the median annual household income. In other words, how many years would it take for the median income to pay off the median home price? Higher values indicate that the incomes in the area are not high enough to warrant the higher home prices. Anything under 3 is considered affordable while higher values indicate that housing is not affordable.



Median Household Income


Household Income Inequality

Income inequality is measured using the Gini coefficient. Lower values indicate that household income is spread evenly across the income groups. Higher values indicate that one income group is much more common than others.


Median Annual Individual EarningsPast 12 months for the Population Ages 16+ With Earnings


Labor Force Participation RatePopulation Ages 16+

People in the labor force include those in the armed forces as well as civilians who are employed or classified as unemployed. To classify as unemployed, people must be actively looking for work. Common people that are not considered in the labor force are students, homemakers, retired workers, seasonal workers not currently looking for work, and institutionalized people. In Mineola, IA, 18% of people are neither employed or looking for work.



Total Population


The climate estimates use Mineola, IA weather from 1971 to 2000 at the nearest official weather station which is located at GLENWOOD 3 SW.

Average Daily Temperatures by Month (°F)

Average Monthly Precipitation (Inches)

Summer High Temps

This weather station's average summer high temps are higher than 56% of other weather stations.

Winter Low Temps

This weather station's average winter low temps are lower than 76% of other weather stations.

Precipitation Levels

This weather station's average precipitation levels are lower than 55% of other weather stations.

Entity Info

State2013 ACSIA
Summary Level2013 ACS160 (place)
Logical Record Number2010 Census0238749
Logical Record Number2013 ACS0009847
Region2013 ACS2
Division2013 ACS4
State FIPS2013 ACS19
Place FIPS2013 ACS52635
Metro Micro Politan Statistical Area Principal City Indicator2010 CensusN
New England City & Town Area Principal City Indicator2010 CensusN
Name2010 CensusMineola CDP
Name2013 ACSMineola CDP, Iowa
Functional Status Code2010 CensusS
Legal Statistical Area Description Code2013 ACS57
State ANSI2010 Census01779785
Place ANSI2010 Census02583488
Full GEOID2013 ACS16000US1952635
GEOID2013 ACS1952635
Population2010 Census166
Population2013 ACS189
Housing Units2010 Census67
Housing Units2013 ACS89
Land Area2013 ACS0.4 square miles
Water Area2010 Census0
Population Density2013 ACS457.2 people per sq. mile
Minimum Bounding Rectangle Or Bounding Box2013 ACS[41.136767,-95.705574], [41.144914,-95.687114],
Centroid Or Center Coordinates2013 ACS41.141376535175, -95.695447492392
FIPS Place Class Code2010 CensusU1
Place Size Code2010 Census04