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6 American Food Stereotypes That Hold Up

The United States is a large and diverse country. And, boy, do we love to eat. But what you love to eat most probably depends in large part on where you live in this culinary landscape.

College Football Rivalry Tweets on a Map

See where each team's fan base begins and ends plus which team gets tweeted about the most among dozen's of top US NCAA sports rivalries.

Football is America's Pastime

From the youth level to the pros, sports are a central preoccupation for millions of Americans. While baseball had been considered the American sport, football has taken up that mantle.

Have a Coke (Not a Pepsi) and a Smile

While no official deaths resulted from the Cola Wars of the 1980s, the rivalry between Coke and Pepsi goes deep, and it's a battle being fought on the consumer marketplace every day.

Love Wins

Everyone loves love, even when it's not Valentine's-even when we examined language on one of the most divisive platforms, one that's blamed for helping spread hateful language.


Let's all lament the death of the English language while acknowledging that, yeah, these acronyms sure do save our thumbs some trouble.

The Land of No

For short words, "yes" and "no" pack a lot of meaning. Yes, we can. No new taxes. These tiny words can be sentences all on their own, and they help reveal cultural attitudes.

The South Has Serious Daddy Issues

Apologies to adults who call their parents "mommy" and "daddy," but the rest of us find that pretty creepy. But, as you can see, there's a community of mommy/daddy folks.

What is Your State's Favorite Card Game?

If you're looking for a card game more advanced than Go Fish or less gambly than poker, your location in the country is likely to be a key factor in the game you're playing.

Where's the Beef? In Search of Burgers

Owing more to the heavily franchised nature of fast food, regional differences are incredibly clear when looking at fast-food burger joints, with one big, yellow exception.

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The data includes over 65,000 of the most frequently occurring words from an 8.9 billion word corpus of 890 million geocoded Tweets. Word frequencies are smoothed over the nearest neighboring counties to produce the maps. The source data is available under a Creative Commons License for others to collaborate.