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HomeArea.com is a neighborhood and real estate resource for consumers and researchers. We have developed extensive "home area" reports for over 29,000 United States cities that contain Census data dating all the way back to 1790. Find and compare home housing data such as home values and rent prices, an area's demographic breakdown, income and employment statistics and education details of any location in the United States.

HomeArea.com can be used to understand local housing markets, to gain insight into employment and education levels of a given area, find those locations with the right climate for you, and to identify potential places to live near people in the same stage of life.

We have also developed various research projects and tools such as our state and city rankings, our 3D population density maps and much more.

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  • Shawn Schulze
    Shawn Schulze
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Matthew Kolb
    Matthew Kolb
    Chief Technology Officer

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